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You’re more than a symptom. Your medical care should reflect that.

Welcome to Aurora Natural Medicine,

Here at Aurora we are passionate about treating the whole person and working with everyone that comes in our door on their individual needs. We believe the mind, body, and spirit are connected in the process of healing and the prevention of disease. Our doctors, Leah Collier and Brent Cameron, have been working together since they opened Aurora Natural Medicine to develop customized treatment plans to help individuals and families achieve optimal health.

For families we are focused on natural or homeopathic treatment which will benefit everyone. Whether you’re seeking a women’s wellness exam, treatment for a child or adult sport injury, or looking to improve your children’s health, Aurora Natural Medicine is here to help you.
We believe naturopathic care is a healthy choice for the entire family.

We also believe in educating our patients and the community about the value of a healthy lifestyle as a way to prevent disease.

The experienced and highly qualified doctors here at Aurora Natural Medicine offer several treatment options and in conjunction with your doctor, you can tailor your treatment plan to your needs and your budget. At Aurora Naturopathic, our experienced naturopathic doctors heal the whole person using customized natural treatments and lifestyle changes.

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