Alternative treatments for knee Injuries in Arizona

Let’s be completely honest about knees. They really don’t seem to be designed to last as long as we are these days. We find so many people that are experiencing knee pain and degeneration in their knees well before they see a decline in other aspects of their health. The truth is the knees take the brunt of the work and because of that, they tend to suffer more long term damage.

knee-injuries-gilbert-arizonaThere are several structures that become injured more than others. We hear about them a lot while watching professional sports. These include the ACL, MCL, and the meniscus. The ACL and MCL, are ligaments that create stability along with the LCL, and PCL. The meniscus is a disc like cartilage that cushions the knee for walking, running and general motion. As we have discussed before, when these structures are injured, it can lead to long term pain and disability because of where they are in the knee mechanics (like spraining a finger, you get to know just how often you use that finger)

Conventionally, the treatment approach is to use steroid injections, which you can read here to find out what these are really doing to your joint. Alternatively many doctors will use a ‘filler’ injection, which works to create space in the joint. Though it does not work to heal the damage, it does not encourage further erosion in the joint as steroid injections do. Finally, surgery is generally offered as a solution whether it be arthroscopic or replacement surgery, though again, this is not treating the cause generally. It is also reasonable to mention here that pain medication may also be offered, though most if not all of them come with serious risks. 

Though some patients find benefit with these options, most do not find this to be a permanent solution to pain. We offer solutions to these issues that work to treat the underlying cause of the pain and works to strengthen that joint as a way to resolve the issue. Whether it is a torn or sprained ligament or tendon, Regenerative Injection Therapies can help repair the joint to eliminate the pain.

For more information about how to get Prolotherapy and Platelet therapy in Gilbert, AZ, schedule a Schedule a Consultation to find out how this can give you relief and start fully living your life again.

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