Annual physicals aren’t just for school age children. As adults, we often ignore symptoms until they become larger health issues. At Aurora Naturopathic, we encourage our patients to seek an annual physical. This provides a baseline of your health and a medical basis for future treatment.

Naturopathic physicians like Dr. Collier and Dr. Roodvoets are committed to helping you heal and prevent future health issues. In addition to talking to you about health and lifestyle, you will receive a physical examination and lab test recommendations. Combining the conversation, exam, and lab results, we will recommend changes as needed to help you reach optimal health.

Many of our patients tell us they didn’t know how bad they felt until they received care from us. It’s our pleasure to help you feel you feel better using natural care.

Contact us today or call us at 480.719.5119 to get started on a path to health!

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