What Is Ozone Therapy?

Ozone (O3) is a gas that, in the stratosphere, absorbs and reduces the amount of UV light that reaches earth.

In medicine Ozone can be produced by using an ozone generator and medical grade oxygen to obtain a specific concentration ozone/oxygen mixture that can be applied in a number of  ways.

Ozone performs an amazing function  in the body when combined with Prolotherapy. Prolotherapy stimulates the body’s inflammatory response to promote and improve healing, while Ozone increases the cell’s access to it’s own form of cellular energy which optimizes cellular function wherever applied. The body’s healing response is stimulated and optimized when Ozone is combined with Prolotherapy. This is referred to as Prolozone, another form of Regenerative Injections Therapy (RIT).

Clinically, patients tend to get more out of each treatment which allows our patients to get out of pain and get back to their lives more quickly than with Prolotherapy alone. Ozone  has also been shown to promote re-growth of cartilage throughout the body, including the labrum of the shoulder and the meniscus of the knee!

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