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PRP Hair Loss Treatment & Hair Restoration

hair-restoration-gilbert-arizonaAs men age, many of us begin to experience the unfortunate receding hairline, or other forms of male pattern baldness. This is believed to be due a breakdown product of testosterone called Dihydrotestosterone. There are many ways that we are able to work with patients to reduce the amount of Dihydrotestosterone that is produced by the body, however this does not generally work to get the hair back that you have already lost.

There is still plenty of hope 

Thanks to a advances in how we understand how this process occurs, we are able to pair two amazing advances in modern medicine to improve blood supply to the hair follicles to improve health and activity of the follicle.

So what are these two technologies?

Platelet therapy – PRP, or Platelet Rich Plasma, is a process where we take some of the patient’s own blood and concentrate a specific portion of the blood that is used for the injection. In this fraction, platelets are drawn up since the platelets contain many different Growth Factors that work to stimulate improvement in the circulation to the hair follicles as well as stimulating activity.

PRP hair restoration naturally reverses thinning hair by increasing hair thickness and stimulating a healthy growth of hair follicles.

eclips-micropenMicroneedling – additionally, we utilize microneedling, also known as ‘Collagen Induction Therapy’, which you can read more about ‘here’. This is used to increase blood flow to the hair follicle itself.

We use a topical numbing cream to decrease any discomfort, and the treatment itself is relatively short and fairly painless. We recommend receiving three treatments in the first three months and waiting three more months for reassessment. Since hair is generally slower to grow, we want to wait those three extra months to fully evaluate the density of hair.

This treatment can be very beneficial for alopecia as well, however it is important to fully evaluate other causes for the alopecia. Once the underlying cause is resolved, these therapies are much more effective.

If you are looking to improve your hair growth and reverse unwanted male patterned baldness, we always do complimentary 15 minute consultations with all of our patients to talk about what options will work for them. Contact Us Today!